How can Anthony Grieve assist?

Provide expert building and construction advice to lawyers, owners, builders, insurance companies, strata managers, property developers, government and local councils

Produce well researched and presented expert reports

Present evidence in construction matters

Perform all aspects of dispute resolution

Assess apartment buildings for compliance with building regulations

Offer independent advice

What makes Anthony Grieve’s services unique?

Education – Anthony Grieve is a building consultant, civil engineer and lawyer

Experience – building and construction expert with over 40 years’ of work in the building and construction industry

Communication – highly developed communication skills – from the building site to the court room witness box

Results – produced over 2500 building and civil expert reports for Local, District and Supreme Court jurisdictions, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and resolved a number of disputes utilising ADR processes

District Court of NSW Judgement – Mr Grieve was almost the model expert witness. He documented his assumptions with precision, and they matched the facts as I find them to be, thus passing the Makita (Australia) Pty Ltd v Sprowles test with flying colours. He revised his opinion as assumptions developed or factual matters were clarified. He was precise, measured and considered in both his reports and evidence. His manner and the content of his evidence demonstrated that he is the unusual man described in his curriculum vitae: qualified in law, engineering and project management and able to fuse the various disciplines to produce an analysis informed by each whilst carefully and consistently remaining in his appointed place as an independent expert. I accept his opinion and his quantifications